A Design-Build Construction Company

Investing in B.I.M. to Build Stronger Client Relationships

Photography provided by Cincinnati Commercial Contracting


Cincinnati Commercial Contracting (CCC) is a design-build company, founded by John Westheimer, which has operated throughout the Tri-State area since 1979. CCC is also a commercial real estate developer and property management company. CCC designs and builds manufacturing, crane, warehouses, religious facilities, recreational facilities, restaurants, offices, retail, additions, metal-over-metal re-roofs and tenant build-outs. CCC has built their first brewery and is currently building their first hotel.

Great buildings last a lifetime. That’s why CCC partnered with Butler Manufacturing in 1997. Butler is the world’s premier pre-engineered metal building system. CCC provides their customers the best value for their money. Because they work with many small and family businesses, CCC understands that their clients’ capital resources are a precious commodity.

“Our real business is using 38-plus years of knowledge, experience and process development to help other businesses improve their facility and their profits,” says John Westheimer, president and founder. CCC typically works with clients from the very earliest stages of a project. There are many things to consider during the planning process to ensure a building will best fit a company’s long-term needs. CCC continues their relationship with each client through the warranty process, and beyond. 

More than two years ago, CCC began utilizing Building Information Modeling (B.I.M.) on every project. This new 3D technology minimizes change orders, saves the client time and money and helps them visualize their business operations. “We actually give our clients an Xbox controller so they can walk through their building and make changes in real time,” says Jenna Martini, CCC’s B.I.M. director. “They can even view their building at different times of day, and any day of the year, just with the click of a button.” 

CCC’s process is unique they collaborate closely with each client throughout the design and building process. This can even include such tasks as site selection, property due diligence, project entitlement, permitting, construction and warranty. At CCC, the entire project team works with a client throughout the design-build process. When the project is completed, the lasting impression is Cincinnati Commercial Contracting builds terrific buildings.

Cincinnati Commercial Contracting is located at 4779 Red Bank Expressway, Cincinnati, OH 45227. For more information, call 513.561.6633 or visit cccontracting.com.