A Caribbean Cruise Proposal

Photography by Lisa Volpenhein

When we first started dating, I was very cautious and told him I won't get engaged before two years of dating. I had plenty of reasons to be cautious. I was a single mother of a 5-year old boy and the victim of an unfortunate and ugly dating history! Mostly, I was cautious because we met through an online dating website. 

At first, I was embarrassed that I had succumbed to online dating. But, it was definitely worth it. I met an amazing man who overcame numerous obstacles in life and was a perfect match for me. My fiancé not only struggles with a physical disability as a result of a complication during childbirth, but also battles with life-long sickle cell disease. Despite all the things holding him back he succeeded in graduating from college with a doctoral degree in law! As for me, despite being a single mother, I was able to graduate from college with my BSN!

We got engaged on December 1, 2015, just shortly after our two-year dating mark. We got engaged at our "secret spot" (the furthest front deck that few cruisers know about) during a Caribbean cruise. Within minutes after the proposal, the stars came out and the moon rose from the horizon. My fiancé jokes that he planned that, but most of the cruise was cloudy rainy weather, so it was perfect that the weather cleared on this particular night.