A Brotherhood of Faith & Community


Founded in 1831, St. Xavier High School is a private Catholic school for young men. The school’s population represents a wide geographic range, with students coming from all over Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana. St. Xavier boasts an impressive academic record, with 92% of the 603 students who took an AP test in 2018 scoring 3+. Additionally, seven students from the class of 2018 were also considered National AP scholars – a high distinction for any student.

“We educate – at a very high level – the whole student,” says Mike Dehring, assistant vice president of enrollment. “From an academic standpoint, we challenge students appropriately for all four years of their time here. We challenge them while still placing them in a situation where they can be successful. When you look at our extracurriculars – whether it’s band, theatre, athletics or our robotics club – there we do the exact same thing.”

St. X has approximately 110 different clubs and organizations to offer, which is impressive for a school with a student population of 1,470 young men.

“More or less, there’s something for everyone here. Whether it’s getting involved in our student newspaper called “The Blueprint,” getting involved in athletics…our maker space group is even creating an R2D2 robot that can actually deliver food to students,” says Dehring. “That’s what makes St. X so special – we want these kids to develop their gifts to their absolute best. One of many great things about this school is that we have so many opportunities for students to explore all aspects of who they are.”

But it’s not just the excellent academic program or the wide variety of extracurriculars that makes St. X special; it’s the strong and supportive community among students that truly sets it apart.

“One of the things that’s noted by students who shadow is what they would call ‘The Brotherhood’ that occurs here,” says Dehring. “I think that starts from the very beginning, when freshmen are brought into the school and grouped in geographic homerooms. Each homeroom has five ‘Bomber Pilots,’ or senior leaders. The first two days before class begins, the bomber pilots will hold a variety of games and activities for students to get to know each other and the seniors as well. From the very beginning, that’s meant to make students feel welcome here. Students realize how important it is to support and welcome and praise one another. We have talented, bright young men here who use their gifts to serve others.”


St. Xavier High School is located at 600 W. North Bend Road, Cincinnati, OH 45224. For more information, call 513.761.7600 or visit www.stxavier.org.