6 Tips for Bridal Dress Shopping

Photography by Wes Battoclette

Searching for the perfect wedding gown is crucial to brides – the gown is what makes her feel confident and beautiful. But the act of shopping for the gown to wear on one of the most important days of her life can seem daunting and difficult. There are a variety of details to consider that many brides aren’t even aware of until the process begins. Amanda Cacaro, owner of Hyde Park Bridal, and manager Madison Miller give brides their top tips before shopping for a gown.

1. Know your budget for your gown and accessories, and keep in mind that alterations are always done separately. Avoid trying on gowns that are out of your budget unless you’re willing to risk falling in love and purchasing a gown over budget.

2. Start shopping early. Gowns can take 4-6 months to arrive, so make sure to allow plenty of time. If you don’t have enough time, a gown can sometimes be rush ordered but you’ll still need to leave no less than a month for alterations.

3. Shop with a supportive team, but try to limit the number of people you bring along. Invite the people whose opinion matters the most to you. Too many opinions can feel overwhelming for a bride and be counterproductive.

4. Most shops don’t carry entire collections from their designers, so if you have one specific gown in mind, contact the store first. They may have a sample available to try on, or they can order the gown for you to try.

5. Unlike what you see on TV, most brides don’t have that dramatic, tear-filled moment when they find “the one” dress. Don’t be discouraged and think you haven’t found your dress if you haven’t gotten emotional. Brides often wind up with numerous favorites and have to take a more logical approach to pick the best one.

6. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the special experience of finding your dream gown!

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