50 Years of Leadership and Generosity

Photo by Tracy Doyle


It takes true love for a company and its people for someone to stick with them for 50 years. Bartlett & Co, a Cincinnati-based Registered Investment Advisor, is happily celebrating Rick Reynolds’ 50th anniversary with the firm, but his work extends far beyond the office into the city he loves.

Reynolds is a native of Cincinnati and a graduate of St. Xavier High School, Georgetown University (1965) and Xavier University (MBA, 1971). He accepted an accounting job at Bartlett in 1967 while his father was Chairman of the firm, shortly after finishing his service in the U.S. Army. After proving himself in the office, Reynolds became an investment advisor, and he has enjoyed his tenure at Bartlett through countless changes.

Reynolds has seen five successions of management and multiple financial crises, but the company has always remained steadfast. “The smooth transition from generation to generation makes this place a steady ship because of our business model,” he says. “It’s a friendly place to work, and the culture of management has stayed consistent over the years.”

Through economic crises in 1974, 1987, 2000 and 2008, Reynolds says, “It was good to see how we weathered those storms. They were our trials.”

The people, not just the business, are what makes Bartlett special to Reynolds, and everyone he meets notices that.

Jim Miller has been with Bartlett since 1977, and Reynolds, who was his boss, treated him as a friend right away. “Rick introduced me to his clients, invited me to dinner, laughed at my jokes and we became good friends,” Miller says.

Kelley Downing, President and CEO of Bartlett, says, “Rick always likes to have fun.” Of course, there is much more to Reynolds than just good humor. “It’s not what you do, but how you do things that says a lot, and he does everything with such consideration and care to everyone around him.”

Referring again to his early days, Miller says, “He just always seemed so interested in all the people he knew. He and the generation above me made me feel special even though I wasn’t a big name in the city.”

“Rick is a wonderful person, continuing in his father’s footsteps as a man of integrity with a passion for the wellbeing of his clients first and foremost,” says Mike Cambron, Bartlett  investment advisor and Reynolds’ business partner for 48½ years. “This business can create some remarkable swings and emotions, and Rick has been a Steady Eddie through all of them.”

Reynolds’ legacy at Bartlett is still only half of the story. He is wonderfully active in the city through his support of numerous not-for-profit organizations. “The community is crazy about him,” Miller says. “I don’t think many people know how generous he is.”

Jeanne Bessette, president of DePaul Cristo Rey High School, knows that generosity firsthand.

DePaul Cristo Rey is part of a national network that only serves low-income kids. The school’s model was originally created by Jesuits – the same Catholic tradition of Reynolds’ alma maters. “When we were a very young organization, someone introduced me to Rick, and he was immediately delighted with the school’s model,” Bessette says.

“Rick has brought tons of people into our school’s community, and due to those connections, we have found scholarships, jobs, and plenty of young professionals who want to help out. He understands that you have to prepare and bring in the next generation to get involved.”

Reynolds and his wife, Vicky, have even opened their home to the school for fundraising and outreach. “They almost immediately agreed to lead our first-ever public capital campaign,” Bessette says.

Reynolds has also served on committees for St. Xavier High School, Ursuline Academy and Catholic Inner-City Schools Education Fund (CISE). Miller says, “He was so active and passionate about St. Xavier High School that my son decided to go there.” In 2004, St. Xavier High School honored Rick with their highest alumni, or “Insignis” award.

Reynolds’ community involvement goes even further than that. He has given significant time and treasure to CISE, The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO). “He was board chair of the CSO at a critical time, and his leadership made a difference,” Downing says. In 2012 the CSO honored Rick and Vicky for their volunteerism at their opening night concerts.

Reynolds says he learned much about commitment to the community from his father, and that spirit always remained a hallmark at Bartlett. “I think you learn generosity at home, but it’s reinforced at the office,” he says.

“He has opened so many doors for us as one of the youngest nonprofits in the community,” Bessette says. “His value to us has been priceless.”

Over the decades, Reynolds has seen Bartlett grow and change while retaining its indispensible values and culture, and his spirit of generosity will continue to shine on the community for years to come. Rick and Vicky live in Hyde Park. They have three grown children and enjoy most outdoor activities.


Bartlett & Co. is located at 600 Vine Street, Suite 2100, Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, call 513.621.4612 or visit www.bartlett1898.com.