2015 C-Suite Awards presented by Venue & Lead Magazine

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Ria Davidson, vice president and co-founder of The Dragonfly Foundation

What is the most challenging aspect of being leader? 

Trying to do so many things in terms of managing people, managing your resources, managing your time, talent and expectations. That is the hardest thing.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Listen, seek out expert advice, but also follow your gut. 

What aspects of your personality have contributed to your success?

My passion and enthusiasm and my drive to succeed and be the best I can be, and to do good in the world. 

How do you think your employees would describe you?

I think they would say I’m driven but that I try to include everyone and be protective of everyone and their interests, I don’t let anything get in my way in terms of going after what we want, if it’s what I think is the right thing to do. But I also am involved in making sure their interests are protected at the same time. I’m very protective of the people I work with and work for and work on behalf of. 

What aspect of your company are you most passionate about?

Our kids, for sure! And their families and our patients and their siblings and how they are functioning and getting along. You know, when you have cancer your whole life is turned upside down and while all the attention seems to be on the patient, the siblings are suffering just as much, as is the family as a whole. Any time you can make everyone smile, the siblings, the parents, the caregivers, it’s a great thing and that’s what we try to do. 

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Gosh, it probably involved getting my dog. We had lost a couple of dogs due to old age and illness and my husband said, No more dogs, we’ll never have another dog. And it turned out on our anniversary I set about to getting him completely drunk on bourbon and did that quite well and took a video of him saying, Yes we can get a dog. We were on vacation at the time, and the next morning he woke to find our bags packed and we cut our vacation short to drive to North Carolina to go get a dog and he wasn’t quite sure what was happening until I showed him the video of him saying that yes, we could get a dog! And he’s turned out to be the best dog we’ve ever had. 

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2015 C-Suite Awards presented by Venue & Lead Magazine

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