2015 C-Suite Awards presented by Venue & Lead Magazine

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Murray Sinclair, president and CEO of Ross Sinclair Associates

What is the most challenging aspect of being leader?

The most challenging aspect of being a leader is working with a diverse group of people. I’m in a rapidly changing business so we have to change with the times, and we have had a lot of regulatory changes in our industry and have had to change our business model a number of times so that has been a real challenge for us, but we've worked it out pretty well because we're good at adapting. 

 What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

I had an uncle who was a mentor of mine who told me that if I wanted to be successful there were two things to avoid in life, employees and trucks. Well, I took it to heart for a long time, but then I realized it was hard to have a company without employees. So I've learned to disregard that advice. Now I surround myself with great people and give them a platform on which they can succeed, then get out of their way and listen to them.

What aspects of your personality have contributed to your success?

Perseverance. I've been an early riser since my teenage years and I continue to do that. I work what I call 'first shift' from 4:30-7am. The early bird gets the worm. That has been my motto and it's worked for me.

How do you think your employees would describe you?

I hope they would describe me as a listener. I am a big believer in open-door policies and I always my door open and encourage people to come in and talk to me at any time.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Well, the craziest thing I’ve ever done that I can tell you about is probably jumping out of an airplane. When my oldest daughter was 18 she convinced her grandfather to jump our of an airplane with her. However, his doctor advised him that that was a foolish thing to do at his age. So I guess I was next in line, and next thing I knew I was jumping out of an airplane at 13,000 ft.


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2015 C-Suite Awards presented by Venue & Lead Magazine

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