2015 C-Suite Awards presented by Venue & Lead Magazine

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David Poe, chief technology officer, UPIC Solutions

What is the most challenging aspect of being leader? 

The most challenging part of being a leader is managing people effectively. People are different. They are diverse in how they like to be managed. Having said that, if they are not managed well and if you are not meeting their needs, the challenge you run into is they are not able to meet the needs of your organization. So it takes a good leader to understand the values and the needs of those staffs and really be able to deliver that back to the organization.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Probably the best advice I’ve ever received is when I started at UPIC Solutions. It’s a saying that they have in nonprofits, which is, Always keep a volunteer between you and trouble. A volunteer to a nonprofit border committee essentially is someone who is a respected opinion and a leader in that organization, and when you face a difficult or controversial decision it’s always great to have someone in a leadership role to be able to go in there on that decision with you. It helps you find any pitfalls that you may not have realized prior to that, and it helps you understand better what you’re facing, and quite frankly it helps you with the political aspect of things to have a champion standing behind you.

What aspects of your personality have contributed to your success? 

The two biggest personality traits that I would attribute to my success are my passion for the organization and helping people and my determination to succeed, not necessarily my own success but the success of the team. It really comes down to the fact that anything really worth doing is worth doing as a team, so that determination within the team is what makes everything count. 

How do you think your employees would describe you?

I think they would describe me as dedicated, passionate, honest and respectful.

What aspect of your company are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about helping people. I genuinely care and want to help people succeed in life. And what I’ve found about the social mission of my organization is that although I can get involved in terms of swinging a hammer and helping out at a soup kitchen as an individual contributor, I found my greatest impact is as a technologist. I enable others to do that great work by helping work with them through that technology initiative. I am very proud to be a part of this organization and a part of helping others around those local communities, and I’m humbled every day to find that our organization is able to provide enabling technologies to raise more than $1 billion for communities across America. 


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2015 C-Suite Awards presented by Venue & Lead Magazine

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