2015 C-Suite Awards presented by Venue & Lead Magazine

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Christi Cornette, senior vice president of marketing, Cincinnati Bell

What is the most challenging aspect of being leader? 

I think the most challenging aspect of being a leader is making sure that your team works as a team, is invested in what they are doing and, frankly, is excited about what they are doing. Sometimes that is challenging because you have to bring different personalities together, different approaches together. That can definitely be challenging, but if it works it is a beautiful thing. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best I believe I’ve ever received is to have fun and be passionate about what you’re doing.

What aspects of your personality have contributed to your success?

I think I’m pretty tenacious. I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer if it is something I feel pretty strongly about. And I think when you have that kind of emotion it just helps you navigate through a very difficult and challenging world. But I think if you just keep at it, it’s really important to success. 

How do you think your employees would describe you?

Actually, I posed that question to my team and I think what came back made me feel really good! They viewed me as being innovative and a thought leader, which is important in my role. They also said that I cared a lot about their success in the team. 

What aspect of your company are you most passionate about?

I think what I am most passionate about is bringing a great experience to our customers no matter what the product is, and bringing a great experience across all product lines. 

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

The craziest thing is I decided to take my team to Chicago for a team outing. This was a few years ago. And we decided we would have a sort of different experience, so we took the Megabus to Chicago. And the bus broke down. It was probably 100 degrees in the shade. And I decided to take on the persona of Norma Ray, and I got free meals, refunds on their tickets, tickets to anywhere that Megabus went. Everyone was chanting my name by the time we got back on the road and we were all friends by the time we got into Chicago. 

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2015 C-Suite Awards presented by Venue & Lead Magazine

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