20 Years of Excellent Urologic Care

Photography provided by The Urology Group

For 20 years, The Urology Group has provided Greater Cincinnati patients with advanced care. Founded in 1996 with 23 physicians, the independent practice has grown to roughly 40 physicians with 305 staff members and is one of the largest specialty health care groups in the country.

“We’re able to remain independent because we’ve created such a center of excellence, and that’s good for the community,” says Gary M. Kirsh, MD, president of The Urology Group since 2009. 

With 12 locations across the Tristate, The Urology Group provides 70 percent of the urologic care to more than 2 million people. Men and women count on The Urology Group for superior care for bladder, kidney, prostate and urinary tract conditions. The group also uses long-term solutions for bladder control issues, practices female pelvic medicine including reconstructive surgery, and has various treatments for men’s sexual health conditions.

The Norwood campus, between Interstates 71 and 75 just off the Lateral, opened in 2012 with a surgery center that performs 15,000 outpatient procedures each year – the highest volume of urology surgeries in the country. Additional services include imaging, a pathology lab, radiation and clinical trials. 

“There’s a convenience factor here,” says Dr. Kirsh. “If there’s no standard therapy available, there may be a research trial and that’s in-house. If a patient sees us because they have a history of kidney stones, they can go across the hall, get a CAT scan and go right back into the exam room.”

The Urology Group is also a leader in innovative and cutting-edge procedures. The pathology lab is the only one in the region dedicated to urologic- and prostate-related analysis and biopsies. It’s also the only lab in the region to conduct FISH analysis, which tests DNA in bladder cells to determine if a patient is at a greater risk for recurrence of bladder cancer. 

A leader in prostate cancer treatment, the group was first in the nation to use CyberKnife exclusively for prostate cancer. The CyberKnife is a minimally invasive radiation treatment that helps spare healthy tissues, leading to quicker recovery times for patients. Along with the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic that treats patients whose cancer has spread beyond the prostate, The Urology Group also treats testicular, kidney and bladder cancers. 

For patients with kidney stones, lithotripsy with ultrasound is also available at the Norwood campus. The Urology Group performs more lithotripsy procedures than any other facility in the country, which sends high-energy shock waves to break up the stones, making them small enough to pass through the urinary tract.

The Urology Group is committed to its independent medical practice, continuing to operate as a center of excellence and to provide low-cost, high-quality care, Dr. Kirsh says. “Because we have all of our doctors in an integrated group, collaboratively, we’re able to come up with the best way to take care of a condition … and hold the doctors accountable for adhering to best practices.”

The Urology Group serves Greater Cincinnati with 12 offices in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. You can reach them at 513.841.7400 or visit their website at www.urologygroup.com.